Trying to find team building activities in Copenhagen?

Trying to find team building activities in Copenhagen?

9. marts 2023 Slået fra Af admin


Looking for company events with teambuilding activities?

You may have picked up on current trends and realized that you would do well to include teambuilding with your next corporate event as so many other companies are doing these days. The trend of course extend beyond this – it’s not simply a matter of doing things other than work with your colleagues – it’s about the company taking the whole life of their employees into account. As people like to play, like to socialize and also try new things, but preferably in the company of friends or trusted coworkers, getting out of the office to play a challenging game is a great way to tap into exactly this trend.


Wanting the right team building activities ideas for business events in Denmark

It may however prove a little difficult to find the right kind of teambuilding. There are lots of offers on the market, but so many of them seem kind of, well, dumb. Want to go-cart? Bounce around in big rubber bubbles? Shoot clay ducks with a laser gun? We know right… We don’t either. As it turns out there is an elegant solution to this problem. The answer is called The Tribe.


Team building in English in Copenhagen

That is the name of a small dynamic and highly professional team development agency based at Charlottenlund Castle. They are founded by anthropologists and have developed a custom teambuilding game, intelligently designed to be flexible, to blend seamlessly into any larger event like a company party and to easily cater to large groups of 100 people or more. And they have incorporated other team development solutions since then, as well as allied themselves with digital marketing experts that can turn your event into branding for your company.


Team building activities for 100 employees

Teambuilding on this scale is actually not that easy to find. Especially if your company is looking for the intelligent kind that also takes place at a venue where you could imagine hosting the rest of your business event. Chateau Charlottenlund is the perfect place to accomplish all this. Easily suited to host a party or event for up to 100 people the surroundings are simply picturesque, the atmosphere royal and The Tribe who would host your event and take care of all the arrangements are top professional.


Are you thinking in terms of a full teamday with teambuilding activity for your corporate events?

Maybe followed by the evening dinner and party, the people at The Tribe are focused primarily on team development so you’ve found the right place. That they also put together great dinners and company parties is really just a response to a need in the market. That said, they do it very well. Their trademark type of event – what you might call a Tribe Classic event – is great games with free snacks and drinks, followed by a delicious social dining dinner in royal halls with all the quality wine you care to drink included. And if you like, the whole thing extends to a late night party with cocktails in the fabulous castle lounge.